■ Why Clinton lost ?

Mrs. Clinton regretted that her defeat in the Presidential election was , among others, attributed to the sudden report of the new evidence of her mail incidence by FBI Director James Comey 10 days before the ballot day. The new evidence was , just a day before the ballot , finally negated by FBI in terms that there was not enough evidence to indict to the court. This flow of judicial actions and news must have given irrevocable shock to the electoral situations to the extent that the Clinton's support had been around 7%ahead , but the rate dropped to as low as 1 % or even tie , and even reversed to the Trump's favor.
As the election was over( Nov.10), my very initial reaction was nothing but how drastically and decisively the Comey decision affected the election result, and so did I write in my internet message. After all, I wrote this must have disappointed and heart-broken Clinton with my sympathy.
Strangely enough , though, I have not heard anybody or any commentator to say or touch on this matter among other numerous and talkative comments and explanations why Trump won over Clinton.
I felt rather relieved to become in touch with the news of New York Times on Nov. 14 that Mrs. Clinton modestly but clearly regretted the true story and her recognition to Comey.
In Japan, on the other hand, during election campaign of any sort, it is severely refrained from taking up judicial matter, especially criminal matters in the sense that news or informations concerned would possibly jeopardize the fairness and impartiality of the public election. It is not necessarily legally ruled , but it is the established political culture to be built in not only public authority like police or prosecutors but also mass communications and medias . If judicial or criminal judgement should be rather freely released out , it may directly influence popular emotions ,and then election itself . Not to mention, election is the most basic political system and the embodiment of democracy in the modern world. Should free announcement of the judicial and criminal intelligence be permitted , elections of many kinds would become subject to how judicial authority may move or possible political bias ,which might become even judicial 'fascio'.

I am a very honest and sincere student to democracy as basic political system and respect American people as our allied nation. Also I admire American decision to select Mr. Donald Trump as their President after all. Japan and the United States of America must and will make the best efforts for a mutually peaceful and prosperous world.



  大統領選挙の終わった瞬間 (11月10日)、私は自分のインターネットには投票の直前にFBIがメール問題を取り上げたことがかなり決定的であった、クリントン氏が少なくとも気の毒であったと書きました。驚くことに、その後の洪水のような報道、トランプ氏の勝因とクリントン氏の敗因が語り尽くされる中で、内外でただの1人もFBI のことに触れられませんでした。今日11月14日、初めてネットの中で、クリントン氏がFBIコミー長官を控えめながら強い苦情を言ったとの記事を読みました。氏の万感の思いを見た気がしました。
  日本では選挙期間中には決して訴訟、とりわけ刑事事件は報道しません。それは民主主義の基本、聖なる選挙を些かでも貶める危険性がある事について、あの( 悪名高い)マスメディアでさえ完璧にこれを守っており、そこで日夜命懸けで政治や選挙に取り組んでいるこの国の全ての議員は救われているのです。